“It is not an exaggeration to say that 6 months of therapy with Miranda has totally changed my life for the better. Miranda listens with care and attention. I felt valued and understood and begun to see things from a new perspective. Having struggled with an eating disorder for over 20 years, I not only now have a completely different, healthy relationship to food but also a new respect and understanding for my own self-care. I feel calmer, stronger and more focussed than ever before. Thank you Miranda for all you have done. I’m so pleased I found you!”

"Miranda helped open my eyes up to the benefits of therapy by creating a safe and comfortable environment where I could talk freely about my issues. The journey which I went through over the small number of sessions really did help get to the root cause of my issues and get me into a really good place mentally, while also giving me a set of tools to help me navigate similar issues in the future. I can safely say that this has been a positive experience"

"I cannot sing the praises of the treatment received enough.  To have a therapist who has worked in eating disorder services for years to mentor, challenge, educate and assist me has been an invaluable resource. I have already recommended CBT to friends for if they ever encounter similiar weight and shape issues in life. It's astounding that 1 hr a week for 12 weeks has reprogrammed 15 years of negative thoughts/ behaviour processes. A million thanks."

"Miranda is an incredible therapist with great experience and background." 

"Therapy helped me understand myself better, accept myself and taught me how to manage difficult situations." 

"This has been a truly positive learning experience for me, and now I feel well-equipped to continue to progress in recovery. I feel confident that I can do this. I feel also that I have real clarity around my previous relationship with food, and also just around my general behaviour & psychology. I have a better understanding of why I have behaved as I did, the decisions that I made, and what I need to do to change. I am very motivated, and am excited for the future. I feel much happier in myself physically & mentally, and I don't think I would have gained that alone."

"Thank you so much for your help. It was a life changing experience."

"I can not imagine getting better help, I just wish I came across Miranda years ago. I am extremely grateful that I did eventually and that it really changed my life. It's amazing how a small number of sessions made me understand where my problems really lie. Dealing with my emotions and being more mindful and caring towards myself resulted in a massive improvement of my general wellbeing and put a stop to destructive behaviour."